Christmas Parade Application

The following application is for potential parade participants on Saturday, December 1st. Please complete all steps to be considered for placement.

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Please note that entry fees are for ONE parade entry only. Vehicles pulling a trailer will be considered one entry. Any additional vehicle is considered a separate entry and will be charged an additional fee of $10 per vehicle. Each entry must have a business, organization or church affiliation. The Chamber has sole discretion of acceptance of all entries. Throwing of candy or other items are not permitted. No political endorsement or propaganda will be allowed. Santa Claus will only be represented by the Chamber of Commerce at the end of the parade.

General Information for all participants

  • Entries can arrive for line up no earlier than 5:30pm.
  • If email is provided; notifications of participation in the parade will be emailed to you with any additional information.
  • All units are asked to maintain a patient and steady pace during the course of the parade.
  • Units are asked to maintain their position in the lineup throughout the duration of the parade.
  • Parade participants ARE NOT allowed to throw or eject candy, toys, or any other items from units.
  • Candy MUST BE handed to spectators from walking participants along the side of barricades only.
  • All pageant entries are limited to first place winners only.
  • No live animals.
  • All propaganda items are prohibited along with campaigning literature.
  • Entries shall comply with all laws, ordinances, rules, and regulations of any lawful authority, agency or governmental unit, which apply to the City of Elizabethton. The entry agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Chamber of Commerce, and the City of Elizabethton, its officers, directors, coordinators, representatives, employees, and agents for any liabilities, losses, costs, expenses, penalties, fines, or damages from participating Organization's failure to abide with such laws.

Decorating of Parade Units

  • The designated theme for the 2018 parade is “Classic Christmas Stories”. We encourage all participants to use your favorite Christmas book or story when decorating floats.
  • Please refrain from submitting any item that has the potential to cause harm to parade participants and on-lookers.
  • All entries must abide with a parade quality standard respecting fundamental values being ethical, family friendly, and accountable for the representation of their organization.
  • Santa is provided by the parade committee/Chamber of Commerce and MAY NOT appear on or with any unit.
  • You must arrive with unit decorated and assembled. DO NOT assemble your unit at the staging site.
  • Staging will occur on Elk and Lynne Avenues.